Oracle Platinum Partner warning clients against Oracle audit practices

A large Oracle Platinum Partner from the Netherlands recently had enough from Oracle auditing their clients. They sent a mailing, warning clients against the audit practices (quotes are freely translated from Dutch):

“Our experience is that in many review reports, big mistakes and incorrect assumptions are being made. As a result, the reviews in general have a negative or very negative outcome.” ….

….”(clients) are told after an audit to buy a (sometimes unjustifiable large)   quantity of licenses from the so-called ‘independent’ LMS partner that has conducted the review, or through an affiliated organization.”

We’ve had many scenario’s where we checked such audit reports, containing no other advice than to ‘commercially settle with the Oracle salesrep within 30 days or else’. Trends shows us that Oracle aims for money (which is fair enough), but even if this means a license overkill for the unprepared client. To the extend where Oracle aims to license testing servers with Processor licenses.

To illustrate: One client had been confronted with a claim of over half a million euro, and after our advice less than 10% remained. This advice took no longer than one day, and we never even visited the client in person. Another client got a claim for over 3 million euro, and only 10% remained in place after one week of our consulting time. We have many examples of larger and smaller audits with results like this. We don’t bring any magic to the table, we just read the client’s agreement and ask the right questions. Is it not surprising that nobody took Oracle to court for attempted theft just yet?

The Partner who sent out this warning is not only a very technical savvy partner, but also staffs experienced Oracle licensing staff. They know what they’re talking about. Without a doubt they risk their Oracle Platinum Partner status by sending this notification out, but probably figured that sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and do the right thing. Kudos to them.

We primarily operate in Europe, with a focus on the Netherlands and surrounding countries. In this region it’s very evident what is going on. Multiple sources have told us that the several CIO platforms in the region even have initiated workgroups for this specific subject, as Oracle became the most disliked vendor for many CIO’s. If you are one of them we’ll be happy to advice and educate your workgroup and share our experiences an best practices, free of charge.

What is your personal experience about this in your region of the world? Let us know. And if are in trouble after such an audit, consult us for  a little advice. It is free for the asking, we’ll be glad to help you out. And if you are somebody from Oracle who actually cares about customer satisfaction and can do something to stop this: Even though your practice is good for our business, we find it unnecessary. Oracle deserves better than this. Many of our clients want to talk to you so about their concerns.

You can’t manage what you don’t know!

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