Speaking at VMUG Germany: June 16

We've been asked to speak at the VMUG Germany in Frankfurt on June 16 2016. Speaking about running Oracle on VMware and our experiences in assisting clients around the world. Most likely the casuistry about our client's recent dispute with … [Read more...]

The virtualization discussion clarified: Client vs Oracle

In 2015, Mars sued Oracle about - amongst others - the virtualization issue which was settled under NDA. We commented that any formal legal verdict about such case is very unlikely, primarily because Oracle will always at all times avoid risking case … [Read more...]

Announcing OracleReviewLite.com

Clients who have once been audited by Oracle are familiar with ‘Oracle Review Lite’ scripts: Oracle uses them to audit clients, telling them how the Oracle programs are or have been used. More often than not, the outcome are a big surprise … [Read more...]

Mars vs Oracle

Yesterday I was pinged by my fellow Oracle-On-VMware-Licensing-Guru Dave Welch at the House of Brick. He wrote a very interesting article about Mars filing suit against Oracle. Part of the discussion was Oracle's view on licensing Oracle programs on … [Read more...]

Business ethics about risk mitigation

We are often asked what kind of risk mitigation and preventative actions we advise our clients to take. First and foremost: We don’t advise our clients to do anything! We only calculate the cost effect of each obvious option they might consider, … [Read more...]