There is no In-Memory 12G licensing trap

For weeks the online world buzzed around Oracle’s In-Memory licensing. For those who spent their holiday on Mars,  read here or here or here. In short: In-Memory comes out of the box and no longer requires a separate install, bringing compliance … [Read more...]

Webinar Series about Oracle licensing

With the end of Oracle’s fiscal year in sight, many clients seek unbiased information with regard to Oracle licensing. Together with a US Partner we invite clients around the globe to join our 3 sessions, dedicated to Oracle licensing. The sessions … [Read more...]

VMworld 2012 Reloaded: Barcelona

VMware has planned a video interview with us and our IP lawyer, which will be recorded prior to the session APP-BCA1751 at 15:30-16:30 on Oct 9th at VMworld Barcelona. After there will be a  round table from 17:00-18:00 to discuss things we can’t say … [Read more...]

Oracle’s compliance auditors: A 5 Million Dollar target

When I used to work at Oracle LMS, the paycheck of an auditor did not depend on the outcome of a customer case. There was indeed no financial incentive, in order to remain as impartial as possible. And it really worked.  If your financial books … [Read more...]

VMworld TV – Oracle on licensing VMware / virtualized environments (Updated)

Much to our surprise, Oracle’s Director for Cloud Business Development laid out the Oracle licensing scheme in virtualized environments during VMworld 2012. The resulting video (below) was published only hours before our session at VMworld in San … [Read more...]