Clients who have once been audited by Oracle are familiar with ‘Oracle Review Lite’ scripts: Oracle uses them to audit clients, telling them how the Oracle programs are or have been used. More often than not, the outcome are a big surprise … [Read more...]

Mars vs Oracle

Yesterday I was pinged by my fellow Oracle-On-VMware-Licensing-Guru Dave Welch at the House of Brick. He wrote a very interesting article about Mars filing suit against Oracle. Part of the discussion was Oracle's view on licensing Oracle programs on … [Read more...]

There is no In-Memory 12G licensing trap

For weeks the online world buzzed around Oracle’s In-Memory licensing. For those who spent their holiday on Mars,  read here or here or here. In short: In-Memory comes out of the box and no longer requires a separate install, bringing compliance … [Read more...]

Webinar Series about Oracle licensing

With the end of Oracle’s fiscal year in sight, many clients seek unbiased information with regard to Oracle licensing. Together with a US Partner we invite clients around the globe to join our 3 sessions, dedicated to Oracle licensing. The sessions … [Read more...]

Oracle ULA season is coming

Are you ready to harvest? For many it’s ULA season. On January 31st we have co-hosted a webinar with iQuate to explain why and how ULA clients should monitor their ULA to harvest what was seeded. No more than that, but also no less. If you want to … [Read more...]